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Economy, Energy and the Environment Conference

Holiday Inn, Bozeman MT
September 12 – 14, 2012

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Pre-conference Workshops and Field Trips
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Keynote Speaker: Heidi Sanborn, Independent Consultant
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Heidi Sanborn

Keynote Address:  Mountains of Trash and Treasures!
Heidi Sanborn speaks passionately about solid waste issues and is one of the country’s experts on Landfill Economics.  As the keynote speaker, Heidi will address some of the issues facing Montana in the future.  Some Montana communities are already shipping solid waste long distances by truck or rail for burial in regional landfills.  How do communities anticipate financial impacts of closing or expanding landfills?  What are the impacts to sparsely populated areas?  Does product stewardship benefit local solid waste planning?  Will increased recycling and diversion from landfills really benefit Montana communities? 


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Other Topics:
• Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting
• Historic Buildings and Energy Retrofits
• Traffic Signal Upgrades & Synchronization
• Recycling 101 for Communities,
• School Composting and Gardening programs,
• Scrap Tire Management programs,
• Waste Management in Bear Country
• Recycling in State Parks
• Financing for Sustainable Communities and Energy Efficiency

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Lodging: Holiday Inn, Bozeman, 406-587-4561 (Call and ask for MT Department of Environmental Quality discount).