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The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program


small business environmental assistance program

Welcome to the Small Business Assistance Program 


Upcoming Training Opportunities

Oil Field Waste - Impact on Landfills, Feb. 19-20

Seminar on Montana's Opencut Mining, Air Quality and MDT Road Approach Requirements, March 12

Storm Water Construction Training 2013/2014 


The mission of the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) is to assist Montana businesses to understand and comply with environmental regulations and to go beyond the regulations to prevent pollution and improve environmental quality.The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) assists small businesses achieve and maintain compliance with new and existing environmental requirements, and act as an advocate for small businesses. Assistance from the SBEAP is free, and imposes no obligation on Montana businesses.


Compliance Assistance
SBEAP Hotline



  • Advocacy on behalf of small businesses.

  • Assistance with communication between DEQ and businesses

  • Permitting assistance

  • Pollution prevention assistance

  • Workshops and trainings

  • Informative printings and mailers 

Mission Statement

Designed as a separate non-regulatory program within the DEQ, the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program serves to assist Montana businesses to understand and comply with applicable environmental regulations.


Program Contact:
John Podolinsky
Small Business Ombudsman
P.O. Box 200901
1100 North Last Chance Gulch
Helena, MT  59620-0901
Phone: 406-444-6592


For your small business assistance needs, please use the following helpful links.

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Confidentiality: Business-specific information is held confidential from enforcement except in cases of imminent danger to human health and the environment.

Small businesses are generally defined as independently owned and operated businesses with fewer than 100 employees that are not major sources of waste or emissions.