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Fees and License Requirements for Solid Waste Landfills

The links below provide information and forms required to become a licensed landfill facility in Montana.

Fee Schedule
Licensing and Operation Fees

ARM 17.50.401

Important Dates to Remember
Payment Due Date
Total Payment Due After July 1, before July 31   OR
1st Quarter Payment Due After July 1, before July 31
2nd Quarter Payment Due October 1
3rd Quarter Payment Due January 1
4th Quarter Payment Due April 1
Financial Assurance and Renewal Applications Due April 1

License Requirements

  • A license is required (see Rules and Statutes) from the DEQ for the disposal of solid waste and for the operation of a solid waste management system.
  • Solid waste" means all putrescible and nonputrescible wastes, including but not limited to garbage, rubbish, refuse, ashes, sludge from sewage treatment plants, water supply treatment plants or air pollution control facilities; construction and demolition wastes; dead animals; discarded home and industrial appliances; and wood products or byproducts and inert materials. Solid waste does not mean municipal sewage, industrial wastewater effluents, mining wastes, slash and forest debris regulated by the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, or marketable wood byproducts.
  • The on-site disposal of solid wastes from a person's household or farm and certain categories of on-site industrial waste disposal operations are excluded from this licensing requirement.
  • A geographic image file of open and closed landfills is available.   Also, visit the Montana State Library GIS application to interactively build maps & create reports containing Montana data.