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Emergency Response and Community Right to Know Act: All reporting levels* (302, 311, 312 (Tier I & II))

Thank you for submitting your data electronically.

For questions or requests, contact:
Bonnie Lovelace
Montana Department of Environmental Quality
PO Box 200901
Helena, MT 59620
(406) 444-1760

Note:  Montana does not collect fees for this submittal.

Note: Montana does not accept hard copies.

Note: Montana follows EPA requirements and does not have state-level requirements.

*EPCRA 302: Extremely Hazardous Chemical notifications

EPCRA 311: Requirement to provide MSDS for reportable chemicals

EPCRA 312: Hazardous chemical reporting

Training Resources

Training Links File Type
E-Plan Online Tier2 Submit - User's Guide Online Training
E-Plan User Training Video Video Download

See how E-Plan is used in Montana:


Tier II Reporting Instructions and Forms

Regulation, Guidance, Training and Other Tier II Resources

Filing Reports:

Beginning in late December 2013 Montana transitioned all Tier II report filing to E-Plan electronic submission. No hard copies or email submittals, please. Your report from 2013 should be in the system. See the directions below. You also have the option to attach contingency plans, maps, photos, etc. in the "additional information" section.

Regarding local filing, the decision to accept online reporting to LEPCs or TERCs and fire departments has been left up to individual jurisdictions.


Montana uses E-Plan for accepting online submission of Tier II chemical inventory information.

Facilities must submit their Tier II Report by logging into E-Plan's Online Tier II Reporting System web site at

Eplan Logo (Click on icon to open E-Plan web site)
  1. Getting Started: Please use the Contact Us button on any E-Plan website page to request for your login account (Access ID and password). In your request, please provide your facility name and address.

    Note: If you did not file a report in the filing year 2013, you will have to go to E-Plan's Online Tier II Reporting System Web Site at and click on Create an Account. After you register, you will be assigned a 7-digit Access ID number.

  2. Creating and Editing Report: You must Sign In the system in order to create and submit your data. After you sign in, you will be taken to the "E-Plan Online Filing Submission Management" page where you will need to either Enter new Data for your facility, Copy Data from previous year, or Import your data if it was created by EPA's Tier2 Submit program (extensions .zip or .t2s).
    • Entering New Facility Data: Under the "ENTER NEW DATA/RETRIEVE OLD DATA" section, choose 2014 for the filing year and press "Continue". Enter in your Facility Information. Press the "Save & Continue" button and then enter in your Facility Identification (NAICS required). Return to the 2014 Online Filing Home page by clicking the "Filing Management" link in the upper left-hand corner. From there, you will see the icon to Add New Chemical. Follow the prompts. When complete, return to the 2014 Online Filing Home page again, and press the icon to Add New Contact information.
    • Copying Data: Under the "COPY DATA" section, copy the data from 2013 to 2014 in the drop-down menu. Once this step is complete, you should see the years 2013 and 2014 listed under currently filed years in the left section. Select to retrieve Tier II data for 2014 in the drop down menu and press "Continue". You will be taken to the 2014 Online Filing Home page where you can edit your information if needed.
  3. Validating and uploading data into E-Plan: From the 2013 Online Filing Home page, press the Validate Record button at the bottom of the page. If any errors are found, they will be listed here, or it will indicate that the facility report passed all submission tests. Once the “Submission Report” indicates all required fields are correct, the “Upload Data to E-Plan” option will appear. Press the Upload Data to E-Plan button, select your facility, and press the Update button. The status should change from Not Filed to Filed when the report has been properly submitted. A confirmation message will be sent to the account’s email listed during the registration process, with a copy of your report attached in .pdf format. Print and save these documents as proof of submission.

A facility's Tier II Report submittal will be deemed complete when the Montana Department of Environmental Quality can view its electronic submittal on E-Plan.

For E-Plan questions or requests, please use

See E-Plan system updates below.


The choice of filing electronically or using a paper format only applies to local filings. You will need to contact the appropriate Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC - there is one in each of Montana’s 56 counties) and fire department to see if they can accept electronic filings. If they can not accept electronic filings, a paper copy will need to be sent to the LEPC and fire department.

2014 Updates

The 2014 filing option is now available for use in E-Plan (website:

Some important notes:

  1. There will be an administrative charge for organizations that use E-Plan for creating/filing online Tier II reports. Please look at the list of States to see if a charge for creating/filing applies to each facility. THERE ARE NO FEES IN MONTANA.
  2. You can view the online user's guide for detailed filing instructions.
  3. E-Plan administrative team does not provide regulatory interpretations. If you have questions regarding a specific state Tier II reporting requirement, please contact your State Tier II Administration listed on EPA's website at

The E-Plan online Tier II Reporting System ( is updated frequently to make it more useful and complete. For instance, we added the "Validate Lat/Long" button. When you click "Validate Lat/Long", a Google map will display the coordinates of the initial point. You can drag the marker to a new location and then "Click to update Lat/Long".

EPCRA 302 Notification: E-Plan allows the facilities to create and submit one time notification to SERC. Filing your 302 report via E-Plan meets your SERC requirement, but local LEPCs and Fire Departments may require a different submittal. Contact your County officials to see if they accept E-Plan as a form of electronic filing.

Local Emergency Planning Committees/Tribal Emergency Planning Committees/First Responders:

After your LEPC has determined who should have access, please go to and set up an account as a first responder. A request will be forwarded to DEQ for approval. Turnaround is usually a day or less. You will then receive notification from E-Plan about your login credentials. You may then access the Tier II reports.

Montana LEPCs/TERCs Contacts List  (pdf) (Revised February, 2015, and periodically)


Download the App (currently only on Android): 

First Responders who have established access may download the Android APP on Google Play or at