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NOTE:  Montana law prohibits use of this information as a mailing list for unsolicited mass mailings, house calls or distributions or telephone calls. Section 2-6-109, MCA "Prohibition on distribution of mailing lists -- exceptions -- penalty," provides in relevant part as follows:

(1)(b) a list of persons prepared by the agency may not be used as a mailing list except by the agency or another agency without first securing the permission of those on the list.

(9) a person violating the provisions of subsection (1)(b) is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Proceed with downloading the following UST information only after reading and understanding the restrictions on use of the information stated above.

List of Active UST systems
USTList.pdf (PDF format) 1.1 MB

USTList.xls (MS Excel format) 2.2 MB
Montana Public Record
Public Record.pdf (PDF format)

For site-specific UST compliance information, please contact Seth Hendrix at 444-1416 or visit our contact page for more information.