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Draft Documents for Reissuance of Hazardous Waste Permit & Remedy Selection for CHS Laurel Refinery, 803 Highway 212 South, Laurel, Montana

Permit Reissuance
 -  Draft Permit (7 MB) 
 -  Fact Sheet
 -  Environmental Assessment

Remedy Selection
 -  Environmental Assessment
 -  Statement of Basis (4 MB)
 -  Fact Sheet

Hazardous Waste Permit Reissuance & Remedy Selection

Draft Permit Reissuance and Remedy Selection for Public Review and Comment /

Hazardous Waste Program
Metcalf Building
1520 E. 6th Ave.
Helena, MT  59620


Laurel Public Library
720 W. 3rd St.
Laurel, MT  59044

close of business on August 27, 2014

Mail comments to:

Becky Holmes
Hazardous Waste Program
PO Box 200901
Helena, MT  59620-0901


e-mail to:
Subject Line - CHS Laurel Public Comment