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Commissioning Resources - Large Buildings

Funding for the development of this web page was provided for by Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and DOE Rebuild America Program.

Program Overview

  • Buildings - Commissioning and Energy Conservation:  Are you...
    • Responsible for maintaining commercial, institutional or multi-family facilities?
    • Planning any building construction, remodeling or HVAC and lighting system/control improvements?
    • Interested in reducing operating costs, discomfort, unscheduled operation disruptions and/or ventilation problems?

    If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you may be interested in commissioning your building.

  • Definition of Commissioning for new and existing buildings
    • Commissioning of buildings is the systematic process of ensuring that the complex array of equipment that provides heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and other amenities in buildings is designed, installed, tested to perform interactively and determined capable of being operated and maintained according to the design intent and the building owner's operational needs.
  • How to use this website
    • If you are interested in more information regarding the commissioning programs available in Montana, double click on the appropriate Commissioning Program Resources. The Montana Rebuild Program provides a one-stop contact to assist in sorting through the various programs. For additional building commissioning resources, click on the underlined "Links of Interest."

Resources and Links of Interest

Commissioning Program Resources:

U.S. Government Agencies