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Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured Housing Program (NEEM)/ENERGY STAR

Manufactured Home Program

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Energy efficient homes with healthy indoor air,

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality is assisting with the promotion of NEEM/ENERGY STAR energy-efficient manufactured homes. NEEM homes may be heated with propane, natural gas or electricity. NEEM/ENERGY STAR homes are certified by the State Energy Offices where they are manufactured; Idaho, Washington, Oregon, or California.

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Why Spend Extra $ for a NEEM/ENERGY STAR Home?

Here are a few reasons why NEEM homes are your best investment:

Long Term Affordability
Month after month utility bills are less in a NEEM/ENERGY STAR home. Considering the relatively small extra cost for a NEEM/ENERGY STAR option (typically $8 to $10 to a monthly loan payment), and with the increasing cost of energy a wise shopper insists on a NEEM/ENERGY STAR home.
Quiet and Comfortable - More than just added insulation
Potential air leaks such as plumbing traps, corner and floor joists and electrical outlets are sealed throughout. Ceilings typically are insulated to R-38, walls to R-21, floors to R-33, and windows have Low E glass.
Good Indoor Air Quality with Good Ventilation
Quiet, better quality fans automatically exhaust stale air and draw in fresh air.
Better Duct Sealing
Advanced, long-lasting tape or mastic is used to seal the ducts, reducing loss of heated or cooled air. Up to 30 percent of heat is lost in the ducts of non-NEEM/ENERGY STAR homes.
Inspection Ensures Energy Efficiency
NEEM/ENERGY STAR homes are inspected to ensure that insulation is installed properly, that efficient windows and doors are installed and that potential air leaks are sealed.
Special Installation
Special instructions and materials help ensure that the ground under the home is covered to prevent moisture from the ground from entering the house. The marriage line is sealed, and the duct between sections is securely installed and has a higher-than-normal R-value. Failure to seal the marriage line and leakage in the cross-over duct commonly lead to energy waste in non-NEEM/ENERGY STAR homes.
Eligible for Tax Credit up to $500/$1,000 per couple
NEEM/ENERGY STAR homes are also eligible for a State of Montana Tax credit of up to $500/$1,000 per couple. The credit is 25 percent of the extra cost to go above HUD efficiency levels.
Montana Electric Utilities offer $1000/750 NEEM/ENERGY STAR Rebates
Utilities that are offering NEEM rebates to homebuyers and the salesperson selling NEEM Homes, heated with electricity, to customers in their respective service area. (Note: The Rural Electric Co-ops' programs are only for electrically heated homes. NorthWestern Energy now offers an incentive for both electrically heated and natural gas heated homes.) Certain restrictions may apply.

FLATHEAD ELECTRIC CO-OP, INC., Kalispell, Montana - offering $750 payment to the homebuyer and $150 to the salesperson. Contact Ross Holter at 406-751-4483 for more information.

GLACIER ELECTRIC, Cut Bank, Montana - offering $1000 payment to the homebuyer and $150 payment to the salesperson. Contact Virginia Harman at 406-873-5566 for more information.

LINCOLN ELECTRIC, Eureka, Montana - offering $1,000 payment to the homebuyer and $150 payment to the salesperson. Contact Tim Engleson at 406-889-3301 for more information.

MISSION VALLEY POWER, Polson, Montana - offering $1,000 payment to the homebuyer and $150 payment to the salesperson. Contact Lyle Neiss at 406-883-7910 for more information.

MISSOULA ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, Missoula, Montana - offering qualifying home buyers a $1,450 cash incentive. For more information, contact Lorraine Best at 406-541-6331.

NORTHERN LIGHTS, INC., Sagle, Idaho - offering $1000 payment to the homebuyer and $100 to the salesperson. Contact Elissa Glassman at 800-326-9594 for more information.

NORTH WESTERN ENERGY, Billings, Great Falls, Helena, Butte, Bozeman, and certain surrounding areas in  Montana - offering $1,000 to the buyer for electric heat (where natural gas is not available) NEEM/ENERGY STAR homes and $0.25 per sq. ft. to the buyer for natural gas heat NEEM/ENERGY STAR homes in the NorthWestern Energy service area.  For more information, call NorthWestern Energy at 800-823-5995.

State Support and On-site Assistance

All NEEM/ENERGY STAR homes come with an energy feature guaranteed program. If energy related problems are found in the home, a representative from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality will make an on-site investigation of the energy related problem. Both factory and on-site installed energy conservation features will be examined and repairs ordered if needed. There is no cost for this service on certified NEEM/ENERGY STAR homes.

Listing of Montana certified dealerships.

Family Home Center
Montana Homes of Belgrade
Big Sky Homes
Pierce Homes
Stillwater Homes
Basin Creek Homes
Great Falls:
Louttit Sales
Pierce Homes
Montana Homes of
Helena, Inc. 
Mountain West Homes Sales
Cottonwood Homes
Gregg Homes 
Heritage Homes
Kalispell Home Center
Patty Seaman Homes
Thrift Homes
Campbell Homes, Inc.
Great Homes
Montana Homes
Rangisch Brothers
Tony Armour's Home Center
Thompson Falls:
Boulder Creek Home Center

Customers and retailers of manufactured housing seeking further
information about NEEM/ENERGY STAR  homes should contact:
Paul Tschida  Phone:  406-841-5232  Fax:  406-841-5091