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The Department of Environmental Quality administers various grants to state and local government and also to individuals that fund pollution prevention and remediation activities.  The federal grants we received or those awarded to local governments that are a regular part of a program's operations are not listed here. Visit the particular program's pages for information on their normal operating grants.  The grants listed here are short-term grants for specific or special projects.

  Name Description Coordinating Program
or Agency
  Clean Diesel School Bus Program Funding to purchase new clean diesel school buses under the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Bill Webb
Energy and Pollution Prevention Bureau
(406) 444-6465

  Volunteer Water Monitoring Grants Available The Montana DEQ's Watershed Protection Section has a limited amount of funding to assist volunteer monitoring groups with acquiring analytical laboratory services. Katie Eiring
Planning, Prevention and Assistance Division
(406) 444-0549
  The Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program (AERLP) The purpose of the AERLP program is to provide a financing option to Montana homeowners, small businesses, non-profits and government entities to install alternative energy systems. Kathi Montgomery
Renewable Energy Section
Energy and Pollution Prevention Bureau
(406) 444-6586
  Information about Grant Opportunities for Clean Diesel Projects in Montana Federal grant opportunity targeted at upgrading motor vehicle diesel technology as part of the efforts surrounding the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). If you have any questions regarding this grant opportunity, please contact:
Brian Spangler
(406) 444-6459

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  Nonpoint Source Grants Request for Proposals Clean Water Act Section 319 grants for Nonpoint Source (-NPS) water pollution control and restoration for watershed TMDL Planning, watershed restoration, groundwater, and information and education projects. Planning, Prevention and Assistance Division
Watershed Management Section
Resource Protection Planning Bureau
  State Buildings Energy Conservation Bond Program The State Buildings Energy Conservation Bond program is designed to finance energy improvement projects on state owned buildings. The Montana Department of Environmental Quality administers the program which uses bond proceeds to fund the projects and energy savings to repay the bonds. The state of Montana encourages agencies to participate in the program to achieve available energy savings. Ron Pecarina,
Planning, Prevention and Assistance Division
Technical and Financial Services
  State Revolving Fund Grants and Loans The DEQ administers two State Revolving Fund (SFR) Loan Programs - one for water pollution control projects (wastewater and non-point source projects) and the other for drinking water projects.  Both programs provide at or below market interest rate loans to eligible Montana entities. PPA Program Staff
Planning, Prevention and Assistance Division