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Hard Rock Mining Program
"Metal Mine Reclamation Act"

Reclaimed Mining Site

This program regulates the mining of all ore, rock, or substances except oil, gas, bentonite, clay, coal, sand, gravel, peat, soil materials and uranium.

Goals and Objectives

  • Issue timely and complete permit modification decisions for mining and reclamation of hard rock minerals which ensure that mineral development which occurs does so with adequate protection of environmental resources.
  • Ensure appropriate public involvement through compliance with MEPA and other public notice and public participation statutes.
  • Conduct compliance inspections to assess compliance with applicable mining and reclamation requirements and to offer compliance assistance to the regulated community.

Annual Renewal Forms

  1. Operating Permits(PDF FILE)
  2. Operating Permits (Word Fill in fields) 
  3. Exploration License Renewal (Hand written)
  4. Exploration License Renewal (Interactive: can be typed in)
  5. Small Miner Exclusion Statements (Hand written) 
  6. Small Miner Exclusion Statement (Interactive: can be typed in)

Active Applications

Active Amendments