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The Montana Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board

In the News...November 2014


Board Staff Changes

Congratulations and best wishes to Dave Cattrell and Paul Hicks on your retirement.

Welcome - Ross Eaton and JoAnne Adydan to the PTRCB staff!


See the table below for specific contact information and click here for a list of counties and regions.

Our main phone number is 406-444-9710 and the fax number is 406-444-9711. 




Terry Wadsworth Executive Director 406-444-9712
Janet Adolph Administrative Assistant 406-444-9714
Ann Root Fund Cost Specialist 406-444-9715
Ross Eaton Fund Cost Specialist 406-444-9716
JoAnne Adydan  Fund Cost Specialist 406-444-9717


Work Plan Tasks and Claim Form 3 (Claim for Reimbursement)

You may have heard that we (PTRCB) will be involved in implementing a new database system in the near future, which we are calling TREADS.  This new system will change the claim submittal process, among other things.  You will have the opportunity to enter your claims on-line through the new outward-facing tool, which will eventually help you and the PTRCB streamline the submittal process (see more details).

In addition to the PTRCB, the following programs of DEQ are involved in the TREADS project: Underground Storage Tank, Petroleum Tank Cleanup, Federal Facilities and Brownfields, Site Response, State Superfund, Federal Superfund and Construction, and Abandoned Mine Lands.

In order to prepare for this new process, we are asking that you begin to submit claims using our work plan (Corrective Action Plan (CAP)) tasks, which are provided for you on each specific Work Plan Cost Review letter and emailed along with a fillable PDF Form 3 (Claim for Reimbursement) populated with tasks, budget and pertinent facility information.

The owner or claimant is required to submit claims and substantiating documents of all the expenses incurred in preparing and implementing a corrective action plan in the manner required by the Board.  The claim form (Form 3) is the method that the Board has developed to have all the expenses submitted.  If the claim form (or other Board form) is not properly filled out or is incomplete, the submittal does not meet this statutory requirement (75-11-309(1)(h)MCA) and the Board staff has the responsibility to reject the claim.  In an effort to eliminate unnecessary processing and to prepare the claimant for the electronic submittals, the Board staff will be returning any incomplete or inconsistent claims beginning on January 1, 2015.  The information necessary to process a complete Form 3 is contained in the Form 3 Instructions. The Board staff will announce the new internet based outward-facing tool after development, testing and deployment has occurred.

Feel free to contact Board staff (406-444-9710) for a copy of this PDF Form 3.