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The Montana Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board


The November 16, 2015 Board meeting has been rescheduled for December 7, 2015


Governor Bullock has appointed the following members to the Board

In accordance with Montana Code Annotated 2-15-2108, under the Department of Environmental Quality:

Mr. John "Chuck" Thompson has been appointed to serve a term ending July 1, 2018. Mr. Thompson fulfills the qualifications of representative of service station dealers and replaces Mr. Roy Morris.

Mr. Timothy R. McDermott has been reappointed to serve a term ending July 1, 2018.  Mr. McDermott fulfills the qualifications of member of the general public.

Mr. Keith Schnider was appointed, in April of this year, to serve a term ending July 1, 2016.  Mr. Schnider fulfills the qualifications of representative of the insurance industry and replaces the vacated term of Mr. Thomas Downey.

Ms. Susan Quigley was appointed, in July of last year, to serve a term ending July 1, 2017.  Ms. Quigley fulfills the qualifications of Representative of the financial or banking industry with experience in small business or property loans and replaced Mr. Steve Sendon.


Introducing Two New Forms

Form 10 (Multi-funding Source Identifier):  Multiple funding sources can be used to investigate and mitigate a petroleum spill. To ensure reimbursement from the Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board (Board) for eligible costs expended on a Petroleum Tank Release Cleanup Fund-eligible release, investigation and remediation invoices should be submitted to the Board for reimbursement before they are submitted to other funding sources. 

This form is used to track costs reimbursed from each funding source, and must be submitted with each Claim for Reimbursement (Form 3) or Request for Allocation of Cost to Co-pay (Form 11) for which multiple funding sources are available. In most instances, a grant or insurance payment received from another funding  source can be used to offset the co-pay amount (See the Form 11 and instructions on our Forms page).


Form 11 (Request for Allocation of Cost to Co-pay):  This form can ONLY be used if you have received a grant or insurance reimbursement for PTRCB eligible costs. This request may be submitted to seek allocation of costs to the PTRCB co-pay requirement, as allowed by current law (SB355), as of April 24, 2015. Please review the Form 11 Instructions before completing this form.  The effect of this request is to allocate eligible costs entirely to the co-pay requirement, and by-pass the normal 50% split between co-payment and reimbursement. 

No reimbursement is received with the use of this form.  If you do not wish to seek allocation of grant funds to the co-pay, you may continue to submit costs on a Claim for Reimbursement (Form 3).

When requesting allocation of costs to the co-payment requirement, the Multi-funding Source Identifier spreadsheet (Form 10) must be submitted concurrently.

If you have ANY questions about our forms, contact the Board Staff at 406-444-9710.