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In the News...January 2013


Data Search and Mapping Tools

We have two links on our Home web page to help you find facility information that you may be seeking.  Through the use of the detail links on both these tools, you’ll find our familiar “Site Summary” report, which lists release and claim reimbursement information for each facility.

The link depicted on our web site as Reimbursement Status (Site Summary Report), also known as the Data Search Tool, has been on our web page now for quite some time.  Recently it has been improved to be more user-friendly.  This link will give you lists of facilities and claim information if you have information with which to search, such as facility ID number, release number or claim number, or county, city or zip code.

The link to the Mapping Data Tool is all about location, location, location. This tool can search through different layers of the Department of Environmental Quality programs for which there is data/information.  The Petroleum Tank Release Cleanup Fund (Petro Fund) is one of the programs that have information available with this tool.

The interactive map can be found in DEQ’s Online Services listing ( ) or directly at

We hope you’ll find these tools helpful.  If you have difficulty with them or find a problem let us know and we’ll try to help resolve the issues.

Biennial Report

The 2011-2012 Biennial Report for the PTRCB has been published and a link to the PDF document can be found on our home page.  This document looks at Short-Term and Long-Term Fund Viability and touches on: Revenue trends and administrative expenses, and how they relate to the consumer price index;  Current claim expenditures and the business process for claims;  Release discovery trends and their impact on the fund;  Federal and State regulatory changes;  and some comments on the petroleum storage tank insurance industry.   To view or obtain a copy of the report use the Reference Documents link in the navigation bar in left margin, located under the PTRCB Resources section.  On the Reference Documents page you will find the 2012 link listed among the available Biennial Reports.

Petroleum Mixing Zones (PMZ)

The Department is asking for review of the Petroleum Mixing Zone (PMZ) additions to their draft Technical Guidance Document.  The document is available on DEQ’s LUST web site.  The link is under Resources section and is labeled Technical Guidance Documents.  The TG document you’re looking for is document #9.  Be sure to also review and comment on the checklist for PMZ in Appendix A, beginning on page 4.

Adobe Forms Enabled

We recently updated our Forms page with the newly enabled PDF forms.  You should now be able to enter data onto our forms and save them to your computer.  We hope you will begin this New Year by using the newest version of our forms.