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Technical & Financial Assistance Bureau

The Technical and Financial Assistance Bureau plays an integral role in the function of the Department of Environmental Quality. The department has the responsibility for protecting and preserving Montana's environment, while balancing a host of economic and political interests. In order to do this effectively, we must be able to offer concrete alternatives and solutions to environmental problems and to foster effective working relationships with a variety of customers across Montana.

The bureau consists of the Source Water Protection (SWP) Program and the Water Pollution Control State Revolving Fund and the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Programs (SRF). The SWP Program provides technical assistance by providing source water assessments, water quality and watershed protection efforts, including the wetland program. The source water assessments are intended to assist in preventing pollution of public drinking water supplies by assessing the potential threats to drinking water from a variety of sources. The wetland program provides leadership to conserve wetlands for their water quality, water quantity, habitat and flood control benefits. Both SRF Programs provide technical assistance to public water and wastewater systems the help maintain compliance with federal and state laws. Financial assistance is provided through grants and loans for community water and wastewater facilities and certain eligible non-point source projects to protect health and improve water quality. Both SRF Programs are built to maintain a permanent, self-sustaining revolving fund program that serves as a cost effective, convenient source of financing for drinking water and wastewater projects in Montana.