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Montana Ground Water Pollution Control System (MGWPCS) Permit Process

Wastewater from Potable Water Treatment Facilities Permit

The Potable Water Treatment General Permit will authorize the discharge of treated wastewater from a potable water treatment facility to ground water. Wastewater resulting from the backwashing of treatment facility filters and or bypass water is to be covered by this permit. Wastewater is required to be treated by settling prior to discharge. Wastewater may only be discharged in accordance with effluent limitations monitoring requirements and other conditions set forth in the permit. A written authorization letter is required before an applicant is authorized to discharge.

  • Application Package for Potable Water Treatment Facilities Permit.

The form below is a pdf form that can be completed online. You may need to download the newer version of Acrobat Reader.  If you prefer to print the form out and then complete it, you can do that as well.  Please call the WPB's main phone number, 406-444-3080, if you have and questions concerning completing the form.

Form GW-2


  • Rules and Regulations

MCA Title 75, Chapter 5 - Water Quality


Please contact DEQ staff for more information about the Potable Water Treatment Facilities Permit, the application, or the authorization process. (406) 444-3080.