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Water Quality Circulars by Program

 Circular Titles/Descriptions




1 2 3 4 7 8 10 11 12A 12B 13 16 17 5 6
Coal Bed Methane         X        X  X          
Discharge Permits         X        X  X  X        
Drinking Water Supply X  X X  X      X          X  X X X
Drinking Water SRF X                            
Ground Water
Mixing Zones         X        X            
Water Quality
        X        X            
Nondegradation         X        X            
Nonpoint Source         X        X    X        
Source Water
X                           X
Standards/Classification         X        X  X          
Subdivisions X X X X   X  X X        X X  X  X
TMDL Program         X        X  X  X        
Wastewater (sewer)
      X              X        
Water Pollution
Control SRF
  X                  X        
Operator Certification

Description of Circulars

  • DEQ 1- Standards for Water Works
  • DEQ 2- Design Standards for Wastewater Facilities
  • DEQ 3- Standards for Small Water Systems
  • DEQ 4- Montana Standards for On-Site Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems 2013 Edition
  • DEQ-7- Montana Numeric Water Quality Standards
    DEQ-7 contains the surface water aquatic life and human health water quality standards and the ground water human health standards. DEQ-7 was finalized on October 12, 2012. All previous versions are not in effect. If you have any questions about this document, contact Amy Steinmetz, (406) 444-0371.
  • DEQ 8- Montana Standards for Subdivision Storm Drainage
  • DEQ 9- Montana Technical Standards for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
  • DEQ 10 - Standards for the Development of Springs for Public Water Systems
  • DEQ 11- Montana Standards for Development of Springs for Individual and Shared Non-Public Systems
  • DEQ 12A - Montana Base Numeric Nutrient Standards
  • DEQ 12B - Nutrient Standards Variances
  • DEQ 13- Montana Policy for Nutrient Trading
  • DEQ 16 - Standards for Hauled Water Cisterns (Water Storage Tanks) for Shared Non-Public Systems 
  • DEQ 17- Montana Standards for Cisterns (Water Storage Tanks) for
    Individual Non-Public Systems
  • PWS 5- Groundwater under the Direct Influence of Surface Water
  • PWS 6- Source Water Protection Delineation