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Nonpoint Source Program

319 Information

Staff Contact: Robert Ray (406) 444-5319

Welcome to the Montana 319  information web site. The goal of section 319(h) funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is to supplement Montana's ongoing Nonpoint Source Management Program.

Stream restoration project funded in part by 319(h) funds, Nevada Creek (Quigley)
Photo: Willow soil lift stream restoration project on Rye Creek, funded in part by 319(h) funds - Photo, MDEQ

Funds derived from Section 319 of the Federal Clean Water Act support a wide variety of activities including: nonregulatory or regulatory programs for enforcement; technical assistance; financial assistance; education; training; technology transfer; demonstration projects; and monitoring to assess the success of specific NPS implementation projects. Notably, a portion of the Section 319 funds have been used by states to support implementation of NPS controls in lake watersheds and to monitor the effectiveness of such controls.