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Public Water Supply Program

The Lab Application Sample Results (LASR) system is an application developed by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to assist water testing labs with submission of public water test sample results to the Public Water Supply Compliance Program. Submission of the results is done throught the EPA's Lab to State software and from there into Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS)


 Montana's 2014 Annual Public Water System Compliance Report

The PWS Online Query Reports have been replaced by Montana Drinking Water Watch

Montana Monitoring Schedule Reports

Public Notice Forms

The Public Water Supply Section regulates public drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities in Montana. The Section also licenses operators of certain public drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities.

This program is responsible for assuring that the public health is maintained through a safe and adequate supply of drinking water. This function is achieved by technical review, including sanitary surveys, licensing, certifications, compliance monitoring, training and technical assistance.

Approval from the department is also required to construct, alter or extend public water or sewer systems serving 15 or more families or 25 or more persons daily for any 60 or more days in a calendar year. Operators in charge of public water or wastewater treatment systems must be licensed by the DEQ.