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Fluoride Levels & Information

Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) 4.0 mg/L

Fluoride levels in your Community maybe very useful to County Sanitarians, County Health Departments, Schools and Dentists in your community.  This informational page was created to aide those that seek Fluoride information levels in Public Water Supplies in your area.  Since ground water systems generally are only required to monitor once in a three-year monitoring period; levels are posted for the past 2008-2010 monitoring period.


For any exceedance of the fluoride secondary maximum contaminant level (SMCL), you must provide public notice to persons served as soon as practical but within 12 months after you learn of the exceedance (141.208), using the provided mandatory language and filling in the blanks. Your primacy agency may have more stringent deadlines or other requirements. Because fluoride at levels above the SMCL can permanently discolor children’s teeth, you are urged to issue this notice as soon as practical.  Non-community systems that monitor for fluoride (federal law does not require non-community systems to monitor) are encouraged to notify their consumers if they exceed the SMCL, especially at water systems serving children.  If you exceed the MCL of 4 mg/l, you must provide notice within 30 days of learning of the violation (141.203(a)).

PWS Fluoride Levels 2008-2010