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Emergency/Incident Update

Local Incident

Campylobacter in Water Supply, Campfire Lodge, West Yellowstone

Occurred:  Mid July 2010
Updated:  Sept. 30, 2010
Resolved:  Yes
Where:  Campfire Lodge, West Yellowstone
Event/Incident:  Campylobacter in Water Supply

Campylobacter in Water Supply

Campylobacter, in a public water supply well, sickened 80 people at the Campfire Lodge and Resort near West Yellowstone in July 2010.  The facility was placed on a boil order on July 26th.  Currently, the facility is closed to the public and is in the process of completing the necessary upgrades which will include a new water source.

National Incident

Waterborne Salmonella Outbreak in Alamosa, Colorado - March and April 2008

Salmonella Outbreak After Action Report
City of Alamosa, March-April 2008

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