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Emergency Phone Numbers

In case of an emergency, call "911" and use your Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

Agencies to consider notifying or getting
assistance from
Agency Phone Number
911 - if necessary  
MT Dept. Environmental Quality, Program Contacts  
MT Dept. Public Health Human
Services – 24/7 Lab
City/County Health Department  
Local Law Enforcement  
Local Fire Department  
County Office of Emergency Services
/DES Coordinator
City/Town Official(s)  
Local Medical Response/Hospital(s)  
Local Power Company  
Suppliers (chemical / equipment)  
Local Wastewater Treatment Plant  
Media (public information officer)  
NOAA Emergency Alert System (EAS)
MT Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network
State Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) 406-324-4777
HAZMAT & National Guard CST Team 406-324-4777
EPA/National Response 800-424-8802
US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 801-579-1400
US Dept. Homeland Security (DHS)– Protective Security Advisor (PSA) 406-839-1165
Montana All Threat Intelligence Center – criminal 406-444-1330
Highway Patrol 800-525-5555
WaterISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Center) 866-426-4722
Poison Control 800-222-1222