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"Exploring Your Aquatic Resources" Interactive Web Application

MDEQ Wetland Program and OIT have developed an interactive web application that allows users in the Big Hole and Gallatin watershed to explore how protecting and restoring wetlands can help address identified water quality and quantity impairments. The intended use of this application is to provide the Big Hole and Gallatin watershed with information on which wetlands types have the best ability to address water quality impairments for a contributing area and which specific wetland functions should be targeted to address these water quality impairments. And highlight where these wetland types that display specific wetland functions currently exist so that further on-the-ground investigation evaluating their need for restoration and/or protection can be conducted.

Please view this short tutorial demonstrating the intended use of this application.

Please view a short tutorial on using the Impaired Water Contributing Area Reports and Wetland Profile Reports to identify preliminary wetland specific goals and objectives, and restoration and protection opportunities to address water quality and quantity impairments.

Please click here or on the picture below to open the interactive web application.