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Septic Tank Pumper

Septic Tank Pumper Program

The Montana DEQ regulates solid waste facilities in Montana, including community recycling activities. This includes municipal landfills, construction and demolition waste landfills, septic tank land application sites, motor vehicle recycling and recycling activities. These functions are achieved by technical reviews, licensing, certifications, compliance monitoring, training and technical assistance. Our goal is to assure that the environment is adequately protected from the hazards of waste disposal, and increasing recycling rates in Montana.

Important Dates

Licenses expire December 31.  Septic Tank Pumper renewal applications must be received by the Department of Environmental Quality no later than January 31.

Licensees have until April 1, to renew their licenses without a late fee.  After April 1 the late fee is an additional $125.00.  After April 1 the Department may assess additional penalties for operators who are pumping without their licenses.

Septic Tank Pumper Contacts

Solid Waste Management Section Supervisor 
Fred Collins (406) 444-9879

 Solid Waste Scientist 
Kris Karns (406) 444-1808

Data Control Technician
Andrea Staley (406) 444-3493

Program Forms

Please submit any completed forms to:

Montana Department of Environmental Quality
Solid Waste Management Section
P.O. Box 200901
Helena, MT 59620-0901

Use the links to the forms below to apply for a new Septic Tank Pumper License or to renew a current Septic Tank Pumper License.

Licensing and Disposal Site Forms Format
Application (New Pumper) Download PDF | Download Word
New Disposal Site Application (One form for each site) Download PDF | Download Word
Renewal Application Download PDF | Download Word
Operation and Maintenance Outline Download PDF | Download Word
Vehicle Inspection Form Download PDF | Download Word
Permission Slips
Disposal Site Permission Slip Download PDF | Download Word
Fire Season Permission Slip Download PDF | Download Word
Disposal Records
Land Application Summary Log Form Download Word
Wastewater Treatment Summary Log Form Download Word


 Name Format
Septic Pumper Guide - 2.3 MB Septic Pumper Guide PDF document 
Montana Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems Montana Homeowners Guide to Septic Systems PDF document
The Counties' Guide for Approving Septage Land Application Sites Counties Guide for Approving Septage Land Application Sites PDF document